Enchanted Waterdogs

Home of the Lagotto Romagnolo

I knew Lagottos  were the breed for me, the second I found them. After reading about them, I couldn't wait to meet one in person. I was already convinced that there was no better breed for me. This was the breed I had been searching for. I was not able to meet one prior to getting my own, but I was not disappointed. If you like what you read about the breed, believe me, it won't compare to the real thing.  

Lagottos are really smart, and want to make their own decisions about people. Sometimes they will warm up on your first visit. Sometimes they won't. That is normal. Sometimes there is something about a particular person they simply don't like. They are in no way aggressive, they do not bark, or growl, or anything like that. If they don't like you, or are not sure, they will just ignore you. They are all so sweet, but it is a breed trait for them to be aloof with strangers. Sometimes they make a liar out of me, and act like their normal selves, just like kids. It just depends. Please do not expect other people's dogs to act with you, like your own dog would. This is an unrealistic expectation. You are a stranger, and they don't know you. I am not talking specifically about mine. I am talking about any dog, of any breed. 


Paris is the calmest of the bunch, and an angel. She is extremely taken with little kids and will follow them around, bring them toys, and just looks adoringly at them while she is near them. She is a super gentle girl and is my cuddle bug. She loves to go to the park and go swimming, but she likes to get in and out of the water. She is one of the only Lagottos that likes to go into the barn when morning chores are being done. She also likes to go into the shop and greenhouse when morning greenhouse chores are being done. 

Hips Excellent

JE Free

LSD Free


She is a really sweet girl. She is a great combination of playful and cuddly. She LOVES to go to the beach, and loves to swim. She likes to visit with other dogs, and occasionally some people, when she is at the beach. She is super friendly with other animals. She adores kids, She is also a very rare tri color roan.  She and Paris are siblings. 

Hips Good

JE Free

LSD Free


Cocco is an Italian import, and trained truffle hunter. He has the most happy go lucky personality I may have ever seen. Nothing ever phases him. He really could not be any nicer. He is a stunning example of his breed physically and personality. I was in awe when I got him. He simply could not be any better. He lives with my daughter, as does Cooper. Since our dogs are house dogs, and we don't have a kennel, we want to make sure there are no unplanned breedings. 

Hips Good

JE Free

LSD Free


Cooper is the love of my life. He is an amazing boy in all ways. He is so sweet and has a very outgoing personality. He is extremely cuddly and very gentle. He loves to go for walks and will swim, but doesn't dive right in like some others. He is super sweet to all other animals. He does not have an alpha bone in his body. He is an incredible example of the breed. He was super high energy as a puppy but really mellowed out as he got older.  Cooper lives with my daughter, as does Cocco. They get along perfectly, and it is easier on them and us, when a girl is in heat. He is super sweet with the grandbabies, and loves to play toys. 

Hips: Good

LSD free

JE carrier


Lucy is our Spanish Water Dog. We needed a herding dog for the sheep and I just couldn't get used to the idea of adding a Border Collie or other herding breeds. I don't like the noise, and I don't like that they herd by nipping and scaring the sheep. I wanted a farm dog that would fit in with our family, has a similar personality to our Lagottos, be gentle with the animals and kids, and still get the job done. They use them as farm dogs in Spain, so after speaking to breeders for two years, hours and hours of research, we decided to give it a shot. We imported Lucy from a show breeder in Europe. We could not be happier with our choice. She was better than I ever imagined she would be. I am glad we waited and found this fantastic dog. 


Violette is a long long waited addition to our family. I wanted a Barbet initially, and could not decide between Barbets and Lagottos. We tossed it back and forth until we ultimately decided on Lagottos. I always had it in my mind that I wanted a Barbet some day. Well that "some day" came, and my beautiful Violette arrived. She is a gorgeous, solid brown color. She is much different than my Lagottos, more than I expected. I expected there to be a big similarity. I absolutely adore Violette, as I do all my dogs. She is SMART, and is amazing at problem solving. I have brain game puzzles that I do with my dogs, and they all get it, but Violette gets them within seconds, every time. She is a unique dog, different from any dog I have ever known, and I am truly blessed to have her as a companion. I am thinking we might train her to herd, because she shows natural ability and she is a gentle girl with the other animals. We have Scottish Highland cows, and they aren't bossed as easily by one dog. If she doesn't take to herding, then we will get another SWD to train to help Lucy on the farm.  Violette is a companion only. We have no intention to breed Barbets.