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Sample Contract

Whereas, Enchanted Lagottos, LLC, hereinafter called “seller” is the owner of a Lagotto Romagnolo further described as follows:



Date of Birth



Whereas, _____________________________________ herein after called “buyer” is desirous of purchasing the Lagotto Romagnolo described above as a companion only puppy. Now, therefore, in consideration of the sum of $  dollars + any pertinent applicable taxes, the seller conveys the above described Lagotto Romagnolo to buyer under the following warranties and conditions and no other warranties or conditions are either expressed or implied:

1 If puppy is sold as a companion only, the puppy must be altered, but not prior to a year. Early altering has been associated with hip dysplasia, because the dog does not get the required hormones for proper growth. You need to wait until the growth plates close. If the puppy is altered prior to a year, then that voids this health guarantee. Altering should be done optimally at 15-18 months.

2. The above described canine is guaranteed for 48 hours to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of sale as diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. Internal or external parasites are excluded.

3. The above described canine is guaranteed until two (2) years of age against any genetic defect that may arise causing termination of life. Should a claim arise under the terms of this agreement, the buyer shall return (at seller’s request) the above described canine, alive, at his expense. Puppy will be replaced with one of equal or greater value. Seller retains the right to chose replacement puppy, applying equal or greater financial value to new puppy, after confirmation that conditions of claim exists.

4. The above described canine is guaranteed against crippling hip dysplasia as certified by PennHip or OFA until the dog’s first birthday. This specifically excludes dysplasia caused by environmental factors, such as over exercise, over feeding, slippery floors, or buyer mishandling. The dog will stay placed with buyer and decision on how to handle the hip dysplasia will be by the owner and their veterinarian at buyers cost. The dog will be replaced. No money shall be refunded. Seller retains the right to choose replacement puppy, applying equal or greater financial value to new puppy, after confirmation that conditions of claim exists.

5. All medical bills and otherwise incurred expenses of showing or training remain the responsibility of the buyer.

6. The purchaser also agrees to keep this dog/bitch for as long as he/she lives, unless unforeseen circumstances arise. Should the purchaser not be able to care for this dog/bitch, the Breeder must be notified first and given first option to reclaim the dog/bitch at no charge. This dog/bitch may not be placed in another home without the written consent of the breeder. 

7. Buyers are encouraged to follow basic feeding guidelines of the seller, to help guarantee the overall continuing health of the canine. 

8. Buyers of breeding pups must get the hip x-rayed (OFA or PENN Hip) before breeding. Dog must have passing score to be bred. You must also get a CERF test done. Puppy will be co-owned until proof of health testing is received, at which time dog will be signed over for sole ownership by breeder. These conditions do not apply to puppies sold as companions. JE is required, unless the puppy is cleared by parentage. All puppies bred by us are cleared by parentage for LSD, so that test is not required. 

9. This contract is not transferable and constitutes the full agreement of the parties.

10. Deposits or pre-payments are non refundable, except in the case that the desired puppy cannot be provided for you in good health. If that should be the case, you may transfer the deposit to another puppy, or it will be refunded in full (buyers choice). 

12. No personal checks will be accepted for any reason unless presented prior to 14 days of scheduled “shipment” or “pickup” of the puppy. Recommended payment in U.S. Funds is: cash (if picking up), bank deposit, or bank wire transfer if the puppy is shipping.

13. Shipping fees are estimated at $400 - $500, depending on the cost of the airfare, and are not included in the purchase price. Shipping costs include: crate, health certificate, transport to airport and any other fees required by the shipping company (if used).

14. Please contact us to schedule “Puppy Pick Up” or shipping dates..

15. All Enchanted Lagotto pups will go with age appropriate shots. 

16. Enchanted Lagotto Kennels makes no spoken or written guarantee that any pup will mature to be breed quality.

17. No other guarantees, spoken or implied exist, other than what is listed.





Signature of buyer:

Seller: Enchanted Lagotto

Signature of Seller :